M.O.P.P. - Friday Lunch club and more...
M.O.P.P. - Friday Lunch club and more...

Here we are again with the year racing on, and after a stunning Easter weekend our thoughts turn to Summer. What a tonic the last few weeks have been with all the glorious sunshine and unseasonably high temperatures. Long may it continue!

Another tonic for us here at MOPP's is the apppointment of Annette Holmes as our new Co-ordinator. Annette has the required experience to be a great success and I know everyone wishes her well in her new role.

If you need to contact Annette about anything, and of course to phone her if you are unable to attend any Friday, her number to call is: 07703 585 329

Just in case you need it, why not make a note of it now.

 Check out this wonderful poem written by one of our members.

February has arrived – and with it some snow perhaps?
We certainly weren’t feeling the cold last week as Celia had us all working out. Here’s a photo taken by Jim which captures the fun side of the session.
This month sees the welcome return of Sarah Kimber with a Qigong session, Keith Osbourne will be back and we have two talks.
Also coming this month is an in-house session. What will we get up to?!
We were delighted
to be joined by new members Diana and Ken last month – a very warm MOPP welcome to you both!

Apart from being the shortest month, February is also perhaps the most unpopular. Whilst teasing us with the promise of spring with the appearance of snowdrops, it just disappoints us with more cold. Still it only lasts 28 days! Here are some events that took place in the month of February:

    1 February 1949: The end of clothes rationing in Britain, four years after the end of World War II.

3 February 1959: American rock and roll musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson were killed in a plane crash. The event later became known as "The Day the Music Died", after singer-songwriter Don McLean referred to it as such in his
1971 song "American Pie".

 4 February 1927: Malcolm Campbell reached over 174.883mph in Bluebird on the Pendine
 Sands in Wales to set a new land speed record.

11 February 1990: Nelson Mandela is released from prison after 27 years.


15 February 1971: Decimal Day - the day the United Kingdom decimalised its currency.
 Goodbye to farthings, florins, shillings and half-crowns - and thinking in 12’s

19 February 1910: Manchester United played its first game at Old Trafford.

19 February 1985: First broadcast of EastEnders, the long-running soap opera, on BBC One.

‘If February give much snow, a fine summer it doth foreshow.’

Folklore Keep on keeping warm,


            "WHO ATE ALL THE PIES?"

Well it wasn't Margo!! She just cooked up this beauty, and more besides, for us all last week. A triumph!
 What would we do without Margo and Mandy (sounds like a film title!) our wonderful kitchen duo?!
 Turn over and you will find another month of yummy menus!
 You will also see a cracking line-up of entertainment with an emphasis on music this month, in a wide variety of forms.





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